Rudy Pierre

About Rudy Pierre

Rudy Pierre is a versatile professional that combines his unique blend of charisma, dandyism, and professionalism into his work as both a Photographer and Realtor. This self- made entrepreneur has garnered the reputation for cultivating the idea of beauty in both his work and principles.

My clients have benefitted from my varied experiences, industry knowledge of real estate and photography, and the versatility in which I integrate cutting-edge technology and industry-based tools to assure that the highest level of customer service is being provided. I am also an experienced negotiator.

A self-proclaimed life-long learner; I am in a continuous process of educating myself (and my clients) in the latest real estate market trends and technology, and I really enjoy working with tech-savvy, internet-empowered real estate consumers in order to maximize the opportunity for favorable results.

Oh by the way... I am never too busy for any of your referrals!

Contact Me: 203-309-2823


National Association of Realtors
Connecticut Association of Realtors
Stamford Association of Realtors
Hudson Valley Association of Realtors
Long Island Association of Realtors

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